Images of Corsica, the beautiful french mediterranean island. Photos of waterfalls, rivers, villages and cities.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Corte - Corsica

Bell tower and roofs of Corte
Bell tower and roofs of Corte

Corte is the main city in the mountains of Corsica.
We spent an afternoon there last week to visit the Museum of Corsica.

The image was done from the citadel which is the highest point of the city.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Saparelle waterfalls - Hoya ND 400 goes to Corsica mountains

Saparelle waterfall - Corsica
Saparelle waterfall - Corsica

As the weather is still awfull, i've spent 2 days exploring the streams around Saparelle village in the mountains above our home.

All these little rivers are very beautiful, walking there without any path is a nice rambling party and i've to say that i really don't regret the 10 euros i've spent in a brand new pair of rubber boots :)

Friday, 5 March 2010

The flow in Tagnone river and some words about our life in Corsica

The flow in Tagnone river - Corsica
The flow in Tagnone river - Corsica

In a comment on one of my recent post, Mark Allan Meader told that our life here was looking like living in an other time. That's not false.

For the first time readers i'll repeat that we spend two months in Corsica, taking care of some friends house while they are traveling.
Their house is in one of the most rural place of the oriental coast of Corsica, at about 10 km from the sea and about 20 km from the snow.
Our friends live on a big land of about 10 ha. You can't come by car because you have to cross a 20 meters wide river and the only bridge is a handmade one built with steel wires and wood plates.
The house is a tiny one also handmade with wood trunks and plates. There is just one room plus a bathroom. Heat is done by a stove where we burn wood, it also gives us hot water.
Electricity is locally produced by a micro-turbine on a water pipe. That works perfectly for most of things but that's a little to weak to have long work on a serious computer. An amazing thing is that we have a 8 mb/s DSL connection :)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Vezzani village in winter - Corsica

Vezzani village in winter - Corsica

A typical mountain village in Corsica.

Three images stitched with PTGui.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

On the road to home - Corsica

On the road to home - Corsica
On the road to home - Corsica

That's the only road driving to our temporary home in Corsica.
This image is an other HDR work done from 4 exposures with Photomatix. I also have one done with my GND filters but this one is really more detailed.

We still have an awfull weather and non raining hours are very rare. The day before i took this photo we had some wind at more than 150 km/h according to the meteo services.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

House in Ghisoni - Corsica

House in Ghisoni - Corsica
House in Ghisoni - Corsica

Ghisoni is a small skiing place in Corsica mountains where we spent a few hours a little more than one week ago.
It was a gray day but suddenly a sun ray hit this wall.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Corsica mountains after the snow fall

Corsica mountains after the snow fall
Corsica mountains after the snow fall

Corsica is an amazing place because it's a small mediterranean island with wonderful beaches and about 100 mountains over 2000 m. So i'm sure that you can have a bath in the sea at the morning and go to ski just after.

The place where i took this image is about 20 km far from the house and in the morning we had a long breakfast on the terrace, nake foot and just wearing tee shirts.

This photo is a HDR work done from 5 exposures with Photomatix.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Magic light over the orchard and some news from Corsica

Magic light over the orchard
Magic light over the orchard

What to say about the making of this image ?
Mostly that it was done using some GND filters to balance sky and ground plus my Hoya ND 400 for the long exposure. As the highlights where not at the best place for regular GND filters i used two exposures (60 and 120 seconds) for the image.

And now some news from our Corsica farming experience :)
All the family is busy with taking care of the farm : feeding animals, cutting wood, cooking clementines jam, etc.
I've started to explore the river which runs in front of the house and i'm planning some hikes in the mountains all around. Some jumps to the 15 km far sea are also planned.
Last point : the only electricity we have here is locally produced by a turbine on a water pipe. It's OK for all the house needs plus for a laptop but a little weak for a serious computer with a serious screen so my time for processing files is counted ...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

The clementines orchard under the clouds - HDR

Clementines orchard under the clouds
Clementines orchard under the clouds

Our friends here are cultivating clementines so we have a beautiful garden giving us some delicious fruits :)

HDR image done from 4 exposures processed with Silkypix and Photomatix.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

First days in Corsica

Our new garden and house

So we arrived in Corsica about one week ago. During 2 months we'll keep the house of friends travelling in Asia.
These first times were very busy trying to setup a decent office in this little farm and as it was raining almost all the time i don't have many images of the place to show here :)

Sky the day of our arrival

Friday, 12 September 2008

Just back from Corsica

Waterfall in Corsica river
Waterfall in Corsica

It's not often that i have to stay a long time without any internet connection.
I'm just back from a 10 days work trip in Corsica. It was to shoot gardens and pools in some new villas. Villas, gardens and pools were beautiful but they were also very new and didn't had any land line phone.

Corsica is also known as the Island of beauty and after many trips there i've to say that i'm always amazed by the wonderfulness of her nature. Unfortunately i only had a very short time to shoot some landscapes because good lights were reserved for my work shots. The first afternoon, before things really start, i could have a bath in a river with pools and waterfalls. This shot was done from a big rock in the middle of the waterfall pool.
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