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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Colorful houses in Provence villages

Image of colorful houses in Cogolin village
Colorful houses in Cogolin - Provence

Image of colorful houses in Collobrières village
Colorful houses in Collobières - Provence

Two old images of Provence villages, from a little batch i've just posted on my website.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Light and shadow in the streets of Cogolin

Light and shadow in the narrow streets of Cogolin in Proence


I'm currently looking at my old images of Provence villages which were not published on my website.
I found this one from Cogolin just near Saint Tropez, where i had my office some years ago.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Autumn leaves in Provence forest

Photo of autumn leaves in Provence forest
Autumn leaves in Provence forest


Monday, 29 September 2014

Remembering the Verne river

Image of the dark waters of Verne river in Provence
Dark water in the Verne river


Because of a client asking for one of my old images, i recently had to browse through a big bunch of photos from when i was living in Provence. It gave me the idea of posting here a summary of my favorite shots of this beautiful little river.


Photograph of the springtime flow in Verne river
Springtime flow in Verne river


Image of the Verne river running through the rocks
Verne river running through the rocks


Image of Verne river under dusk light
Dusk light on Verne river


Image of the dam on Verne river
Verne river dam


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Chestnut tree in autumn

Image of a chestnut tree in autumn
Chestnut tree in autumn


A 9 years old image from when i was living in Provence.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tiles and bells in Provence

Tiles and bells in Provence
Tiles and bells in Provence


A closeup view of Salagon priory near Mane village in Alpes de Haute Provence department.
All my images of this monument are here.

Monday, 16 June 2014

A winter day on the Mediterranean coast

A winter day on the Mediterranean coast
A winter day on the Mediterranean coast


An old image from when i was living in Provence.
The Mediterranean sea around Giens Peninsula (Presqu'île de Giens).

I just have a few images of the peninsula, you can find them here.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Parasols pines in Provence landscape

Provence landscape with parasol pines
Parasols pines in La Plaine des Maures


Another old image, reminder of my past life in Provence.
This is a view of a protected natural area names La Plaine des Maures, also known as a Little Africa.


You can check the following link to have a look to all my images with Parasol pines.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Little waterfalls in the dark water of the Verne river

Photo of some little waterfalls in the dark water of the Verne river in Provence
Little waterfalls in the dark water of the Verne river


A six years old image of a place i loved when i was living in Provence and a few words to say i've uploaded this morning 30 new Provence images on my french website.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Weekly commented photo # 49 - Mediterranean dusk at Gigaro beach

Photo of the mediterranean sea at Gigaro beach near Saint Tropez
Mediterranean dusk at Gigaro beach

This end of autumn is rainy and from a photographer's point of view, the landscape all around is not really exciting. I only made a few images in the past week and spent most of my time working on files from the preceding months. I'm also negociating with a TV channel which want to buy some of my photos but doesn't seems ready for the price i ask :).

So, this morning i was wandering about which image to feature here today when i receive an order from my french website for a print of the above photo.

I was a little surprised because that's an old image and because there is another one just near in the gallery that i find most beautiful. But after all a sale is a sale and one more time i was happy not to post only my own favourite images but all the "correct" ones.

Gigaro beach is a famous place in Saint Tropez area but i've just a few images from there. I think you can now retrieve most of them on this blog through this link.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Weekly commented photo # 48 - Powerful stream in Provence hills

Image of a powerful stream running through Provence hills
Boulin stream meets the Verne river

An image from my last year in Provence.
I've spent about 15 years living in Massif des Maures and the last year was certainly the most productive in term of river and stream photography.
It's possibly because i wanted to make the most images that i could of these places i loved and also because in 2010 the conditions were exceptionally good for such photos.

Hum, ... conditions were good for photographers but not for everyone. The stream you can see above is dry most of the time and really unlikely to run in june. The day before i made this image we had some flash floods killing around twenty people and destroying one of the big cities of the department.

In the natural area where we were living it was just an impressively strong rain. Probaly the strongest i've ever seen even in tropical areas. Our village was crossed by a river which is usually quiet but this day it was noisy and carrying some big trunks just broken by the tempest in the forest.

The day after, the weather was really nice and i went at dawn to the Verne river expecting some interesting views.
Curiously, the place looked quiet and really untouched by the recent floods. The only unusual thing was this strong water running in this little stream.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekly commented photo # 33 : Blowing sunflowers in Provence

Sunflowers in Alpes de Haute Provence
Sunflowers in Alpes de Haute Provence

For the beginning of the year, i post a weekly commented photo every friday on this blog. When i know in advance i won't be online on friday, i prepare a scheduled post.
Last week, all was ok until thursday but in the evening i had a call for an unexpected and urgent work which kept me far from any computer on friday. A good thing for the business but not for the blog. So this week, you should have 2 wcp posts :)

This image was sleeping in my stock for about 2 years until it was licensed on past tuesday. It was done in july 2009 while i was making images of the rural Provence landscapes around Mane and the Prieuré de Salagon.

In the early morning after a serie of classic sunflowers fields and closeups and before the light was too strong i decided to try something a little different.
I choosed a field of nicely oriented flowers, took a long lens and started to take photos, panning my camera during the exposure.

Peoples are often surprised when i say i usually use a tripod for such images but i find it really helpful to lock movements in all directions but one. It also helps to keep an "almost same" composition when i make multiple tries for the same image.

When you move your camera during the exposure, you can't really control what comes in the frame. You can get annoying objects, too important shadows, burned highlights and many other unwanted things. So making multiple tries is certainly the most reliable method to get a correct image. I usually make the first review in the field on the camera back screen to delete the obviously failed images and the final selection is done in the office after examination and comparison of every file.

An advantage of digital photography for such images is that you can make as much tries as you want without wasting your expensive film. But don't think making a huge amount of images is free neither cheap. Reviewing, editing, storing, publishing is really time consuming and when you're self employer your time is probably one of your highest cost.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Weekly commented photo # 32 - Breaking waves on the Mediterranean coast

Breaking waves on the Presqu'île de Giens - Provence
Breaking waves on the Presqu'île de Giens - Provence

No, i'm not back in Provence and this image was done a little more than 2 years ago.
It was a very windy day under dull light on the Prequ'île de Giens and i remember to have walk more than making images.

I choose this one for my Weekly commented photo exercise because i found it to be a good example of the difference between shooting for print and shooting for stock.

Most of my print sales come from images with impressive light and vivid colors (like this one) while most of my licensed photos have a more common looking. Please, note that's not an absolute rule.

Some days i shoot just for prints and some days just for stock but most often i tend to share my time between exploration, making photos for my stock when the light is OK and making images for art prints when the light is at its best.
I don't know if it's the best way to oragnize a photographic day but it works for me for many years.

I've never sold a print of the image posted above but it was licensed at least 3 times since it was done. So i really don't regret my day walking in the wind and flying sand.

In conclusion i invite you to read a very good article from Guy Tal about waiting the light.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Landscape around Serre Ponçon lake

Landscape around Serre Ponçon lake - Hautes Alpes

I can't explain why but this image done in 2005 in the Hautes Alpes mountains is one of my favourite landscape photo and i realized 2 days ago that it was not on this blog :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Dusk light on Serre Ponçon lake

Dusk light on Serre Ponçon lake
Dusk light on Serre Ponçon lake

An image from the archives ...

Serre Ponçon dam was built from 1955 to 1961 on the Durance river.
The lake is the third biggest artificial lake in Europe.
It's a famous place for tourism with the mountains all around and also for sailing and windsurfing because of special winds blowing here.

I spent two days here for work in 2005. This photo is one of the first i did arriving on the place and the morning after i did another one which is still one of my favourite landscape and which doesn't seem to be one this blog :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Weekly commented photo #22 - A little waterfall in Provence hills

A little waterfall in Provence hills
A little waterfall in Provence hills

This is probably one of my very first images about the little streams running through the hills and mountains of the Massif des Maures in Provence.

These streams and rivers keep the life in this wild natural area but many of them (like this one) are dry most of the time. Water only runs after big rains like the ones we had in the first days of september 2005.
I was driving back from my office when i noticed this little waterfall in the forest (i could say bush) along the road. I stopped the car, walked a little through some sharps brambles and arrived at the "river" where i could make this image and a few other ones.

When processing the files, i realized that images of these streams should be rare and could interest many people working around environment, climate and global warming.
So i started to work more seriously on that subject and it was a good idea :
  • I licensed about 10 images of this serie for different uses.
  • It made me discover more deeply this wonderful area.
These images must be really rare because someone had the bad idea to stole one of my fav on my french website to promote a commercial event.
I don't know how they upsized the original 640 pixels wide photo but they used it in A3 and A4 prints, flyers, PDFs and websites.

They were unlucky because i found a flyer at the post office. When i contacted the event oragnisation they started to say it was not my image, when i showed the original they say they bought it on a microstock site but then, they were of course not able to give any proof.
Finally they had no other choice than paying the full rights for all their uses plus a 100% increase for the theft ...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Weekly commted photo #10 - Wild and peaceful

Wild and peaceful
Wild and peaceful - Le Pradet

If you look at my seascapes, you will easily notice that most of the photos where done on the same place named "Bau Rouge beach".

Why ?

I really love wild and natural places and to sand beaches i prefer rocks with nice shapes and where the waves can break nicely.

Such places where really rare in the part of Provence where i lived and where all was done for a comfortable tourism.

Bau Rouge beach was one of them and so i went there really often.
I think that many photographers know this feeling : You always think you can return and capture some other light, some other composition. That's true but one day you feel the need to change.

So after some months of shooting at Bau Rouge beach, after looking the maps, after asking many people i decided to move a little and give a change to another rocky beach not so far.

This new place was a few kilometers from Bau Rouge beach and had no special name. I also went there many times but my favourite image of this place is this one and it's the really first one i did there.

This first day was intended to more to explore the place than to really make images so i just had a light bag with a litlle tripod. Rare thing, i left all my filters at home.

The image was done just before dusk and the dynamic range was a little too high for a single exposure without filtering.
So i took three exposures that i manually and patiently blended (without tonemapping) in the digital darkroom.

As said over, that's my fav from this place but you can have a look here to see another one i also love.
It was done by a stormy morning where the waves were so huges that i could'nt access Bau Rouge beach.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Weekly commented photo #8 - A high resolution view of Collobrieres village in Provence

Collobrieres village in Provence
Collobrieres village in Provence

So, this a view of Collobrières village in Provence. I lived there during 15 years.
The photo was done in march 2004 and is about 7 years old.

In 2004 i was mainly using a Nikon D100 for my landscape work but i've always loved smaller cameras for family images or holidays, etc. During the film era, i was really often using an Olypus XA2 with Velvia or Provia slide film. When time cames to digital i tried many compact cameras but was never really happy with their image quality. My favourites non DSLR cameras were the Dimage 7i and A1 from Minolta.

This view of Collobrières was done with the Dimage A1. It was a 5mpx bridge with a 28-200 f2.8 zoom. The sensor was smaller than the one of my DSLRs but really larger the the ones in compact cameras. The lens was a high quality one done by Minolta and i've to say that in many circumstances this camera gave me some amazing raw files.
Of course it was not the camera for low light images but for most common images it was a very good one. It was also compatible with the very good Minolta flash system and i often used it with a 5600 HSD flash with a real pleasure.

So, let come back to the photo :
I was at home and saw the beautiful light of this end of afternoon. My Nikon gears were at my office about 30km far. I grabed the A1 and a tripod, climbed the hill above the village, made a few single shots and as the light became better and better, i decided to make a stitched high resolution image.
It was something i often did in these old years because DSLRs cameras didn't had all the pixels they now have.

So, i took 11 images with the Dimage A1 and the zoom at its longer focal length.
I gave me 11 raw files that i processed with SilkyPix and stitched with PTGuiPro.
The resulting image weights about 20 mega pixels and when i look at the full resolution file i can't distinguish it from a file done with a HD DSLR.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Weekly commented photo #6 - Winter light in Provence

Winter light on the Lac des Escarcets
Winter light on the Lac des Escarcets

This image was done in february 2008 so she's now 3 years old.
While i was living in Provence, this place was one of my favourite winter spot for photography. In summer it's really less interesting because the lake is dry or almost and, another important point, winter light is very better here.

This lake is a protected natural area managed by the Conservatoire du Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres. Many and many birds are living in the vegetation all around and it would probably be a very interesting place for a wildlife photographer.

Since the day i've discovered this place, i've loved the colours of it's red ground. Under some special lights these coulours can be truly amazing and make me think to some american or australian deserts.

My first image of the lake was done about one year before this one (and you can see it here)
After this first one done just before dusk, the winter ended without letting me coming back in really good conditions but at least i could explore many places around the lake.

In 2008 by a sunny winter afternoon i decided to make a new try on this very little but colorful beach i had noticed one year before.
I was a little disapointed when arriving because some huge white clouds were standing above the lake making the light really dull. I decided to go for a little more scouting and about 2 hours later i remarked that a small wind was clearing the sky.
I ran back to the beach and arrived when the afternoon was about to end, just for this clear and beautiful view.
In these days (and i still do it), i was often stitching two or more photos to make some 5x4 images without loosing too much pixels.
As i was using a panoramic head my setup was a little long but i had the time to be ready before the light turns too dark.

Technical details :
Two vertical images were used to make this photo.
They were taken with a Nikon D200 and a 17 mmlens.
I also used a tripod, a Nodal Ninja panoramic head and a remote shutter release.
Raw files were processed with SilkyPix and stitching was done with PTGui.
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