Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekly commented photo # 33 : Blowing sunflowers in Provence

Sunflowers in Alpes de Haute Provence
Sunflowers in Alpes de Haute Provence

For the beginning of the year, i post a weekly commented photo every friday on this blog. When i know in advance i won't be online on friday, i prepare a scheduled post.
Last week, all was ok until thursday but in the evening i had a call for an unexpected and urgent work which kept me far from any computer on friday. A good thing for the business but not for the blog. So this week, you should have 2 wcp posts :)

This image was sleeping in my stock for about 2 years until it was licensed on past tuesday. It was done in july 2009 while i was making images of the rural Provence landscapes around Mane and the Prieuré de Salagon.

In the early morning after a serie of classic sunflowers fields and closeups and before the light was too strong i decided to try something a little different.
I choosed a field of nicely oriented flowers, took a long lens and started to take photos, panning my camera during the exposure.

Peoples are often surprised when i say i usually use a tripod for such images but i find it really helpful to lock movements in all directions but one. It also helps to keep an "almost same" composition when i make multiple tries for the same image.

When you move your camera during the exposure, you can't really control what comes in the frame. You can get annoying objects, too important shadows, burned highlights and many other unwanted things. So making multiple tries is certainly the most reliable method to get a correct image. I usually make the first review in the field on the camera back screen to delete the obviously failed images and the final selection is done in the office after examination and comparison of every file.

An advantage of digital photography for such images is that you can make as much tries as you want without wasting your expensive film. But don't think making a huge amount of images is free neither cheap. Reviewing, editing, storing, publishing is really time consuming and when you're self employer your time is probably one of your highest cost.

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