Thursday, 3 December 2009

Playing with tonemapping on a tif file and a real HDR seascape

Mediterranean storm at Gigaro beach
Mediterranean storm at Gigaro beach

When i processed the image of my previous post i wanted it to look natural.
The result was what i wanted but after a few days i found it really too flat for my eyes. So i processed the 48 bits tif file in Photomatix to add a little of tonemapping.
You can see the result just above. I prefer it to the previous image.

Just under, you can find a real HDR version of the same scene, also done with Photomatix but from 3 exposures.

Mediterranean storm at Gigaro beach


C said...

Yes i can see...the images in the photo pop out more.... :) a little more sharp i can see...

Mark Alan Meader said...

Hi Patrick:
This is a really good idea.. to show different variations of the same shot. My pick would be what I think is the last one (the bottom one of this post, from 3 exposures).. it has noticeably more detail in both the white water and the sky.. and the tonal range/coloring looks the most natural to my eye. Hope you agree:)

FishHawk said...

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