Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow falls in Provence

Snow on Collobrières roofs
Snow on Collobrières roofs

A view from my bathroom's window this morning.
It was just a short snow fall but that's unusual enough to deserve a photo.

HDR from 3 exposures, tonemapped with Photomatix.

Some will ask why to use HDR when the scene doesn't need a large dynamic range.
Just because i was sure at shooting time, to love the effect of tonemapping on this image and a tonemapped image is always cleaner when done from multiple exposures instead of a single one.


Mark Alan Meader said...

Whoa.. that's quite a view from your bathroom! You definitely live in a different world than me. Very beautiful, and yes, I would wonder about the need for HDR in such a low contrast situation, but whatever you're doing, it works. I had no idea that it could snow around where you are.. must be global warming:)

Reporter online said...

Muy bonita la foto; es preciosa! beautiful ...

merci; saludos des de BARCELONA!

Unknown said...

Mark, thank's for your input.

I don't think it's due to global warming. I have always known Provence with snowfalls in winter. I would say a few hours every year :)

About the HDR, i wanted to add a bit of tonemapping to the image to enforce the mood. I also tried to tonemap the middle exposed raw file but the result from the real HDR image is really cleaner. Will be easier to print large :)

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