Friday, 9 July 2010

A view of Toulon and some personal news

Morning light on Toulon
Morning light on Toulon

This image is a little more than one year old and she waited until today to be processed. That's not my usual workflow but sometimes i like to keep the raw images untouched, look at them from time to time and one day process them.

Now an important thing : In 2 weeks we are going to leave Provence and go to live in the Alps. I won't explain all the reasons here but that's an old project and we are very happy (and busy) with that.
So this post is probably the last one here before a while. Until July 24 i'll keep my current DSL connection here but i'm not sure to find some time for another post. We will arrive in the new house on July 25 but nobody really knows when my new connection will be up. I can hope it won't take more than 10 days ...


Glenn said...

Hey Patrick,

May God's blessings be upon your move and I look forward to photos from your new homeplace. Hope all goes well and I know we'll see you back by August.

Take care... :-)

Mark Alan Meader said...

I think I recognize this spot.. your shot over the boat landing from last year includes this area, doesn't it? I really remember that one.
Good luck with the move.. I was wondering when you were actually going. We've already been through the same process but it takes a long time to get resettled and comfortable again. Looking forward to some exciting new scenery (eventually)!

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