Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Winter mood in Corsica river

Winter mood in Tagnone river - Corsica
Winter mood in Tagnone river - Corsica

I made this image about one year ago while we were spending more than 2 months on Corsica island.
We had a really rainy weather during our staying there and that was not good for my usual landscape work but i spent a long time exploring this river just near our house. There was a very special mood in that place, making some friends feeling uncomfortable and i think that's why i really love this image ...

Note : Click on the photo to see it large :)

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Anonymous said...

J'adore les arbres et celui-ci possède une pose tout à fait particulière. On dirait la croissance de deux amoureux enlacés, l'un; droit et fière, et l'autre; plein de grâce.

Je remarque qu'il n'a pas de feuilles, est-il mort? Ou en période de dormance?

Anne Jutras

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