Monday, 13 February 2012

Menthon Saint Bernard Castle in winter

Photo of the castle of Menthon Saint Bernard near Annecy in France
Menthon Saint Bernard Castle in winter

I usually don't make images on sunday. I prefer spending this free time with my family and it's easier to find tranquil places during the week.
But i was alone this week end and yesterday afternoon after a big work around the house i noticed that the light would probably be nice at dusk.
I took my gear and drove to Annecy.

This castle stands proudly over the lake from about 10 centuries and is a very famous local monument. It's also registred in France as a Monument Historique.
If you want to know more about its history, Wikipedia will tell you more than me :)

1 comment :

Glenn C. Riffey said...

Wonderful, Patrick. What a heritage France has. Nicely done... :-)

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