Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Noname waterfall in an unknown canyon

Photograph of a double waterfall in a little canyon of Haute Savoie in France
Noname waterfall in an unknown canyon


That's a new place i discovered just the day before my departure to Paris.
We were hiking with my family in the forest close to our home and discovered a little stream running underwood. After about a one hour walk along the river, we heard the noise of this double waterfall. After a few more steps in the woods, we discovered this small canyon.


Back home, i had a look at the map, found the river and the waterfall but no name was given. A rapid look at the web didn't give more information.


I returned on the place with a camera in the evening for images of the waterfall and i expect to return in the next days for more photos of the stream under the springtime woods.

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