Monday, 19 November 2012

Autumn tree along Fornant river

Photo of Fornant river running through the autumn forest
Autumn tree along Fornant river


About one week ago along Fornant river.

I was not very active here during the past weeks. One of the clients for which i make architecture images about wood made buildings asked me to design an application to show my images on a large multitouch screen in Paris during the next days.
I had in a very short time to choose and buy hardware and software and develop the presentation.

I choose a 46 inches Samsung display with a multitouch overlay from PQ Labs. About software, after a few tries and as i was in a hurry, i went for IntuiFace Presentation. It's a very nice application, really user friendly and which doesn't need any real programmation. It has of course a few limits but it made the job.

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