Thursday, 23 May 2013

Exploring Fornant river at spring

Springtime waterfall in Fornant river
Springtime waterfall in Fornant river


Rain had a short break yesterday. I decided to spend the afternoon with an explorative walk of the lower part of Fornant river.
My first idea was to go to its junction with the Usses river in Frangy.

Walking the forest path overhanging the river, i first made a few stops to make some images of all these lush greens. With all the recent springtime rains, every forest here looks to be a tropical one.
Then i just had to go on a little more to discover a kind of deep and green canyon were the river was running tumultuously.
The point of view "from above" was not very interesting so i started to search one way to reach the river. I finally found one scary but direct access to the other end of the canyon. The place was green wet and wild and filled with the noise of this small but powerful waterfall.

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