Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Is summer really the worst season for landscape photography ?

Long exposure image of the Mediterranean sea in summer
Mediterranean vapors, august 2008


If we beleive the current trend on photo sharing sites , only dramatic lights photographed with a wide lens worth a shutter click and summer is the worst season for landscape photograhy : No gold colors in the forest, blue sky over the landscapes, low water level in the rivers, wild flowers gone, etc ...
I won't fight this trend and i also like such images but i truely beleive that landscape photography isn't just that and can be done in every season.

  • Summers are not all the sames : the past 2 months here were more rainy and cold than springtime.
  • Forests are beautiful and interesting to photograph although not beein orange dressed.
  • Landscapes can be beautiful under a pure blue sky. If you are not pleased with your wide lens, try a longer one for a more intimate scene.
  • If you're not afraid with leaving your bed really soon and retreiving it really late, summer dawns and dusks are often amazing. Better, summer is a good time for camping or sleeping under the stars.


Image of Champfromier forest, july 2013
Champfromier forest, july 2013


Image of Gapeau river at dusk time in summer
Summer dusk on Gapeau river, august 2008


Ime of trees in a green meadow in summer
Trees in the green meadows, june 2014


Image of a rural landscape under a blue summer sky
Rural landscape under blue sky, july 2012


Image of summer forest in the morning mist
Jura forest in the morning mist, july 2014


Image of Gour Bleu waterfall in summer
Gour Bleu waterfall, july 2011


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Glenn said...

Patrick, I agree, and your wonderful photos back up what you said. I always enjoy your photos from France... :-)

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