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Friday, 18 February 2011

Weekly commented photo #7 : An autumn game with multi exposures

Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves

It was in october. At the end of the afternoon i was fed up with my office job, took my camera and went out to explore the surrounding meadows and forests.
I found no great combination of place and light for a nice landscape image. Perharps because i was tired, in the forest i just saw a big bunch of branches and trunks.

I started to play with my camera and autumn leaves without any real idea, without any real motivation ...
Suddenly i had the idea to try this old game of multiple exposures i loved to play when i was shooting on film.
I decided to test it with my DSLR and to make an in-camera composite of three shots of the same leaves with my 70 mm lens wide opened and changing focus. I wanted to see if sharp and soft parts of the images could blend in something interesting.

So, what is the answer or more exactly, what is my answer ?
In fact i don't really know :)
Some people find this image really beautiful but personally i don't like it a lot.
Of course it's not a bad one but i feel something is missing here. Too sharp, not enough, not magic enough ? I don't know but if you have an idea, i'm interested :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Weekly commented photo #2 - Ferns in Provence forest

Ferns in Provence forest
Ferns in Provence forest

For this second post of my Weekly commented photo serie, i also choosed an old photo from Provence.
This one was done at the end of spring in 2004. I was living in a small village named Collobrières and had my office in Cogolin, just near Saint-Tropez. The road i took every day was a tight one through a deep forest.

One evening, while driving back home, i noticed a nice bunch of green ferns where some were starting to turn to yellow. I don't really know why they caught my attention, perharps because they were a sign of life in all this dry forest.

So during one week, i looked at them every day waiting for the colors to be really nice. One day, thinking it would be the good one i took my camera when leaving the office, drove and stopped at the ferns. Unfortunately the evening was windy in this place and i knew i wouldn't be able to catch a sharp image. The wind blowed during 2 days. The first quiet evening i could setup my tripod, try 2 or 3 compositions and finally made this photo.
The day after, while processing the images i was very happy to see that they were all very sharp. I was a bit anxious about that because i had to use some really low shutter speeds and even a little air can result in blurred photos.

We are now about seven years later and i don't remember all the technical settings but i know that this image still sells prints more than once a yaer.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves in Haute Savoie forest

I was not very active on this blog during the past week. I had one day of work in Provence on Thursday. I had to prepare it during the first days of the week and then i drove to Provence during the night on Wednesday to Thursday, did my work and drove back home during the next night to start processing files for the client on Friday. No real time for blogging neither for processing my own files.

One thing surprised me a little : when i was in Provence the weather was hot and sunny but i had really no regret to have left this region for the mountains where we live now.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Some other autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves in the Hautes Alpes forest

Friday, 6 March 2009

No seascape today, i thought you would need a little change

Chestnut tree leaves
Chestnut tree leaves

I still have many recent seascapes to process and show here but i thought some would be pleased with a bit of green.
I took this one in october 2007 while coming back to my car after an afternoon in the autumn forest. I remember the wait for the wind to stop to keep the leaves sharp in the low light.
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