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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Golden rush

Golden rush
Golden rush

An abstract one in the Abatesco river in North Corsica. Mixing water motion and a little zooming effect.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Zooming - another effect

Autumn forest in Provence

Yesterday was a camera game day (see my previous post).
This one is another result. The effect was just obtained with zooming during exposure, no digital work here.
Don't miss the large view.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Just back from holidays

french landscapes photographyFrom August 24 to September 5 i left the south of Provence to the Alps with my wife and daughter for a little holidays.
As usual, we traveled with our van so we can stop where and when we want.
After a few days in the north of Provence, we stopped in this wonderful place in the south of french Alps.

Green fields, blue sky, wonderful mountains and rivers. It was a nice place for photography, for playing and for hiking so we stayed there about 10 days.

As i was not there for work and didn't want to carry some heavy equipment i just took my D100 with one brand new zoom : Tarmon 17-50 XR DiII and one light and small tripod.
About the Tamron, i've to say that it's amazing : not expensive, light, small and very sharp. I think it's a perfect only lens for holidays. The focal range permits some nice landscapes and family candids and i was nicely surprised by the raw files sharpness.

Something else about this lens :
I shoot some panoramic landscapes with just one tripod and nothing to set up the nodal point. When stitching in PTGui Pro some files shooted with the shortest focal the optimizer's diagnostic was always very good. It seems that the nodal point is not so far in front of the lens. Nice !

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