Thursday, 1 October 2009

The other side of Bau Rouge beach

Morning light at Bau Rouge beach
Morning light at Bau Rouge beach

Regular readers will easily recognize the cliff in the background.
Here we are still on Bau Rouge beach but not on the part of the beach where i usually go. This one is some hundreds of meters more to the west but we can't move from one part to another by feet while carrying some photographic equipment.
This place is less wild and looks more to a real beach than the other one. I hope i'll find a way to go still more to the west.


C said...

I never used to like beaches...until you introduced me to yours! :)

I was wondering WHERE IN THE WORLD you were, Patrick!!! Thank you for finally dropping by!!! Why are you always taking vacations lately??? I am sure that we all miss you when you are away!!!

Well, the tragedy hurt me deeply. But today is a better day. This month will be a better month.

Our friends lost their cars and houses and businesses. Many of our neighbors died. Me and mine are safe. Thanks to God.


Minnie said...

Gorgeous pic - and mind your step on the next one!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I just love this. With cold weather returning here again, it looks even more inviting with the warm colour!

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