Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mediterranean rock detail

Detail of a mediterranean rock in the sun
Detail of a mediterranean rock in the sun

It's a one year old image from past summer. I went really soon to the sea on one place i didn't know very well. Arriving i hiked a long time in the rocks, looking for a good place, took a few seascapes, walked in the rocks and when the sun was too high for good job i decided to come back and on my way i found some nice orange rocks sunbathing in the morning light. After this closeup i came back home where i left the images sleeping on my hard drives until last night where i found this one and a few seascapes no too disapointing.


Levonne said...

Nice capture of the texture and color of the wall.

Outdoor Light said...

Wow, breathing...I got this funny feeling in my chest! I'm cooped up all day, makes me want to go hiking again with my 2 year old...thanks!

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