Thursday, 14 October 2010

Barbennaz waterfall and 5 sites to discover

Barbennaz waterfall
Barbennaz waterfall

A closer view of Barbennaz waterfall (first one posted here).
It's an image from august. I arrived there in the late afternoon but had to wait a long time before the light was soft enough, at least it gave me some time to explore the place and find interesting points of view.

The 5 sites to discover :
  • Scott Linstead
    Scott Linstead is a nature and wildlife photographer, working with color and black and white.

  • Daniel H Bailey
    Adventure and outddor photographer based in Alaska.

  • Ben Attenbach
    Some very wonderful nature and landscape photography. I can't say more.

  • Douglas J Eng
    Beautiful and various images from different styles.

  • Daniel Shea
    Contemporary photographer from Chicago.


Mark Alan Meader said...

That's a beauty.. a scene I would expect to see here in the southwest U.S. Guess you're enjoying your new locale!
Hope work on the new/old house is going well.

Unknown said...

Thank's Mark,

Thing's are going on in the house and the new office is ready. It's very pleaseant and i can process files and manage my websites easier and we can now start to work in the other parts of the house.

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