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Saturday, 4 June 2011

The forest along the Rhône river and 5 sites to discover

The forest along the Rhône river near Arcine
The forest along the Rhône river near Arcine

I don't have posted anything in my 5 sites to discover serie for a long time.
So, here are 5 beautiful photography websites which were waiting in my Delicious bookmarks for a while.
  • Lizzie Shepherd
    An english photographer, her website contains beautiful images from around the world, available for prints and stock.

  • Dietrich Gloger
    Based in Austria, Dietrich Gloger defines himself as a hobby photographer. He works with digital and analog (4x5) cameras. You will certainly no regret your visit to his website.

  • Charles Cramer
    Do i really need to present him ? Charles Cramer is probably one of the most famous contemporary american landscape photographer and looking at its galleries will be a true pleasure for your eyes.

  • Michael Hall
    I can't define his contemporary style but most of the photos i've seen in the galleries are outstanding. Michael Hall was a finalist in the Hasselblad Masters 2009.

  • Lon J Overacker
    An american nature and landscape photographer still working with large format film. Spend a nice time in his galleries !

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Annecy - Dawn on the lake at Imperial beach and 5 sites to discover

Annecy, dawn on the lake at Imperial beach
Annecy, dawn on the lake at Imperial beach

Another image from Annecy lake at the Imperial beach.
Done the same day but a few time later than this one.

The 5 sites to discover if you're interested in photography :

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Barbennaz waterfall and 5 sites to discover

Barbennaz waterfall
Barbennaz waterfall

A closer view of Barbennaz waterfall (first one posted here).
It's an image from august. I arrived there in the late afternoon but had to wait a long time before the light was soft enough, at least it gave me some time to explore the place and find interesting points of view.

The 5 sites to discover :
  • Scott Linstead
    Scott Linstead is a nature and wildlife photographer, working with color and black and white.

  • Daniel H Bailey
    Adventure and outddor photographer based in Alaska.

  • Ben Attenbach
    Some very wonderful nature and landscape photography. I can't say more.

  • Douglas J Eng
    Beautiful and various images from different styles.

  • Daniel Shea
    Contemporary photographer from Chicago.

Monday, 31 May 2010

The living mimosa tree and 5 sites to discover

The living mimosa tree
The living mimosa tree

A few technical words about the image for peoples interested in this kind of things : It's a long (about one minute) exposure of some mimosa branches done with a Hoya ND 400 filter. And a little note for first time reader : if you click on the image, your browser will open a large view in an other window.

The five sites to discover :
It's a long time since i've published the last of my 5td (five to discover) post.
Here are 5 sites about photography i strongly recommend :

Guy Tal and Ian Plant are two very talented and creative landscape photographers and they both write interesting thing about photography. Jon Conforth is also a stunning landscape and travel photographer.
If you like beautiful nature and landscapes images, you will have some great time browsing their galeries.

Flak Photo is a webmag dedicated to contemporary photography with a very simple an beautiful layout. A nice way to discover the work of some emerging photographers.

Luceo Images showcases the work of 6 contemporary photographers and also helps emerging photographers through the Luceo Student Project Award.

Monday, 29 June 2009

A winter day at the sea and 5 sites to discover

Mediterranean seascape on the Presqu'île de Giens
Mediterranean seascape on the Presqu'île de Giens

About this image :
Same day and same place that this one posted a few monts ago. They are though very different.

The five sites to discover :
I met Mark on Flickr. He travels a lot in Europe and his galleries are full of landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts etc. I love the dynamism of his images.
Daniel is a master of botanical abstracts. His work is very beautiful.
Stunning images from many parts of the world.
Photography by Adam Gibbs. A master of large format film. Visit and enjoy, i can't say anything else.
Not a photography site but can be very useful to anybody who works with colours.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Morning light at Bau Rouge beach and 5 sites to discover

Mediterranean seascape at Bau Rouge beach in Provence
Morning light at Bau Rouge beach

Regular readers will easily recognize the vertical version of an image posted here a few weeks ago.

The five sites to discover :
Chase Jarvis is a famous and creative photographer. You will discover some stunning various images in his galleries. His blog where he shares thoughts and links is also very interesting. James wey often comments here. His galleries are full of very beautiful images and he runs an original blog where he posts serious articles about some technical aspects of the photography. I don't know an other place to read about this subjects. Impressive black and white photography. Between many photographic awards, Antonin Kratochvil won the World Press in 2003. The site of Kah Kit Yoong and Winnie Ho. I'll make short about it or it will never end. It's my favorite kind of photography and the 2 authors are some masters. I discovered the blog of Chris Gulker some months ago while looking at my blog's referrers. That's not really a photography blog although the author is a very serious photographer. It's just a blog from a long time blogger who daily shares various thoughts and pieces of life. I really like it.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A chestnut tree flower and 5 photographers to discover

Chestnut tree flower in Provence forest
Chestnut tree flower in Provence forest

A note for the first time readers : I live in a little Provence village and all around is a huge forest with mostly chestnut trees and cork trees, so don't be suprised if you find many chestnut relatives images while browsing this blog :)

This morning i spent a long time reviewing and cleaning the favorite's folders of my different browsers. I like doing that from time to time and it's sometimes a real leasure to re-discover some websites bookmarked from a long time.

Here are 5 photographers websites i wanted to share. I cant't comment each because of my english writting so i'll just say that they all have their own style, they all have a different approach of photography but they all make some very beautiful work.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Some blogs you may like to visit

Some ivy leaves on a cork tree trunk
Some ivy leaves on a cork tree trunk

Here are a few blogs i read daily and i think you may like :
  • Artscapes - Musing on Art & Life by Michelle Basic Hendry
    Michelle is a landscape painter from Ontario and a regular commenter here. I will be short : I love her paintings and she also makes some beautiful photographs of her country.

  • Kreativling by my old friend Renate Ikinger
    Renate makes some stunning books with leather, fabrics and paper. She also paint. Her blog is beautifully designed.

  • Seth's blog by Seth Godin
    Michelle made me discover this blog very recently and i think i became a little addict. Seth is a kind og marketting guru and i would say a professional blogger.

  • The Photographic Aspect by Mark Alan Meader
    Mark is an american landscape photographer and also a follower of my blog. His work makes me dream and i also like how he writes about his photographs.

  • Thoughts by Charity Childs-Gevero
    Charity is a regular commenter here. She lives in Philippines writes poetry, novels and things about life in her country.
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