Friday, 7 October 2011

Weekly commented photo # 40 - Lonely tree in a misty rural landscape

Photograph of a lonely tree in a misty rural landscape
Lonely tree in a misty rural landscape

This is an autumn image without the usual autumn colours. Nuts are still on the walnut tree and this one is still mostly green.

The photo was done in Arcine, just near the village.
I stopped there while i was on the road to go to the Rhône valley for images of the autumn forest along the river. The valley is a few kilometers behind this tree and was lost in a deep fog when i arrived.

I noticed this misty scene around the tree while driving but followed my initial idea and went to the Rhône. Seeing there wouldn't be any good photographic opportunities near the river before at least one hour, i drove back to this field where the fog was a little lighter.

I did a few compositions turning around the tree with a wide angle lens and some soft GND filters. After that i walked back to my car that was parked a little above the field and then tried some other images from the road with a longer lens.
While i was walking, the mist became deeper and deeper and when i arrived on the road, there was so much fog between the tree and i that my autofocus couldn't work.

I switched the camera to manual focusing and did a few images before driving back to the river where i had to wait about half an hour for the fog to disappear and make photos like this one.

About the last images of the walnut tree i made from the road, they nicely show the tree silhouette in the mist but i still hesitate about how to process them. Will i keep the very soft silhouette or will i try to get something more detailed ?

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Glenn..... said...

Simplistic beauty... I love it. Nicely done... :-)

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