Friday, 10 February 2012

Snow and ice on Fornant river

Photo of Fornant river in France covered with snow and ice
Snow and ice on Fornant river

One more image from the beginning of the week done a few hours before the one i posted a few days ago.

When i arrived at the river, i was hapilly surprised to find some deep and strong ice. After a few tests, i started to walk on the ice, exploring the river for some interesting point of views. When i arrived where i made this image, i was looking for the best place to setup my tripod when the ice broke under my left foot and my leg plunged in the flow to the knee, filling my boots with really cold water.

I hesitated between continuing my work during all the afternoon with a wet foot by a temperatured really under -10 celsius and going back home. I choose the first option. Although it was really uncomfortable, this day was probably a unique occasion to make images of the cold winter here. I could work around the river until dusk and when i came back home, my foot had no trouble.

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