Wednesday, 7 March 2012

End of winter along Fornant river

Photo of Fornant river at the end of winter. Haute Savoie - France
End of winter along Fornant river

It's a long time since i don't have posted anything on this blog but my main website is a little more up to date.
This time was mostly filled with making images and processing files for clients. I also had some very nice stock sales in the end of february.
I also spent some great time exploring some new parts of Jura department but with just a few pictures in result. Snow and cold are gone and the vegetation in this end of winter doesn't make the landscapes very exciting.

The image posted today comes from another recent exploration of Fornant river and was done a few kilometers from the place where i live, close to the river source.
For more than one week, daily temperatures here are between 15 and more than 20 celsius but i found some huge ice blogs along the river. The winter was really cold !

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Glenn C. Riffey said...

Beautiful image, Patrick. One thing I noticed is the title you gave it, because tomorrow on my photoblog - Riff's Photography Journal - I will be posting a B&W image called "Sunset On Winter". Seems great minds run along the same lines.

Keep up the good work. I do enjoy seeing your photos... :-)

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