Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blue hour on Geneva lake

Photo of Geneva lake at blue hour in winter with the banks covered with ice
Blue hour on Geneva lake at Nernier harbor

Although the real name of this lake is Léman lake, out of France it's mostly known as Geneva lake. One part is french and the other is swiss.
The photo was made in France and the mountains in the backgroud are in Switzerland.

During the freezing cold we had a few time ago this pier looked like an artic place with amazing ice sculptures done by the wind.
I could go there only this afternoon. I was not sure to find some ice because the weather is a little more hot for some days but i wanted to explore a little this unknown place.

1 comment :

Anne Jutras said...

Magnifique! La teinte de bleu revêt ses plus beaux atours. J'aime!

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