Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Last sunrays on Dard waterfall

Photo of Dard waterfall in Massif des Bornes, France
Last sunrays on Dard waterfall


A new place discovered yesterday.

Dard waterfall or Cascade du Dard is on the Bronze river running through the mountains of Massif des Bornes in Haute Savoie department.

I arrived in the middle afternoon and the light was really too hard on the fall. So, i explored the narrow and underwood canyon lower on the river.

After a nice hike and a few images of the stream, i was back to the waterfall around 7 pm. The sun was still a bit high and i spent the last waiting time looking for the best point of views.

The image posted here was done under the very last sunrays. The contrast between dark trees and clear sky was really high and i thought that HDR could be one of the best solution for this view. So i took a serie of 5 exposures. Back home, i processed them with Picturenaut to obtain the result you can see here.

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Altax said...

Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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