Tuesday, 12 May 2009

One more dusk at Bau Rouge beach

Mediterranean seascape at dusk time
Mediterranean dusk at Bau Rouge beach

It was about one week ago. I was at home and in the end on afternoon i noticed the clouds in the sky and thought they could give some interesting lights at the sea.

I drove to the beach and arrived at dusk. I had the time to capture some other images before this one at the other end of the beach, you'll see them here in the next days i think.

I also have here a view of this scene at dawn.


Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

This looks like the place where all the angels walk!


Aha! And maybe that's why you live there! Because you're an angel! :)))

Mark Alan Meader said...

It almost goes without saying by now, but perfect light and exposure as always, although the sky is especially beautiful in this shot. Those high cirrus clouds made of ice crystals are the ones that seem to light up so nicely when the sun gets low. Probably you do much as I do, ALWAYS analyzing the sky and clouds to try and figure out what is going to happen, even on the days when you're you're not necessarily going to be shooting.. it's good practice and really helps when you ARE planning something.

Patrick said...

Yes Charity, the place is beautiful but not sure you would like it by an overcrowded summer afternoon. And when the crowd leaves, it becomes a famous dating place :)

Last point : The forest all around is still full of bombs from ww2. 200 tons exploded in 1949, around 20 tons during a forest fire a few years ago and nobody exactly knows how many tons are still ready today :)

Patrick said...

Thank you Mark,

I love the cloudy skies over the sea although they make the images unsellable to the Tourist Offices :)

I've started to check the skies a long time ago because of my rock climbing addiction and never stopped.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

oh my! Bombs! And crowds! hhhmmm...maybe the angels come just at dawn then... :)

roentarre said...

The colour here is outstanding. I like subtle colour like this one

Patrick said...

Thank you James, i'm very glad you like it.
I was thinking to this shot since the middle of January but i had to wait for a free moment and the right atmosphere.

sonny-italian-greyhound said...

WoW, you are really good with cameras! You must have very steady hands:)

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