Thursday, 19 January 2012

Icy bells in Valserine river

Photo of some nicely shaped ice stalactites in Valserine river
Icy bells in Valserine river

Last year, i did many images of ice stalactites in Fornant river just near my home.
As this year the winter is not cold enough for such photos here, i went yesterday to Valserine valley in Haut Jura Natural Park. That's a very cold place and i spent there the afternoon until late dusk. I could make many images of the cold and powerful river including landscapes and a few closeups like this one.

These closeups where done with the tripod head really low over the water surface and while i was preparing all the stuff for a good composition, my remote shutter release had a little bath and stopped working. I was able to continue my work with the camera integrated self timer but i was a little worry for the next hours because the self timer is really not the solution for very long exposures. Fortunately, about one hour later my shutter release was dry and worked perfectly again.

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