Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The church near the lake

Image of Grande Riviere church near Abbaye Lake in Jura department
Grande Rivière church near Abbaye lake - Haut Jura Natural Park


I had a long drive yesterday through Haut Jura Natural Park to explore some new places around Abbaye Lake.
I noticed this lake one year ago while i was driving back from Hérisson waterfalls under a pouring rain. It's one of the most important lake in Jura department and the surrounding looked really wild in the storm.

It took one year before i had the opportunity to come back with a decent weather. I arrived there in the afternoon, walked along the lake, drove around the lake, climbed some hills but interesting points of view were rare and difficult to find.
In the evening, when the light started to be nice, i finally had 2 or 3 interesting spots in mind, this image of the church was done from the first one.


Glenn said...

Beautiful setting and a wonderful place for a Church. Love this photo... :-)

Anonymous said...

Salut Patrick, long time no see. ;) Tes images sont toujours aussi belles et d'une pureté inégalé. J'espère que la pluie n'affecte pas trop tes sorties photos.

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