Friday, 26 April 2013

Pain de Sucre waterfall on Vézéronce river

Photo of Pain de Surcre waterfall near Surjoux
Pain de Sucre waterfall on Vézéronce river


An image from yesterday while i was exploring Vézéronce river near Surjoux in Ain department.

This river is a small one with just a few kilometers long but goes to the Rhône which is one of the main rivers in France (it starts in Switzerland and finishes the mediterranean sea)

This waterfall is just a few hundreds meters far from the junction between the two rivers. Access is really short and easy and i guess it's a famous place for family walks.

I know there is at least one more fall above this one but i couldn't find any path through the cliffs. I asked to someone living just near. He answered that he wasn't sure about the path and that it should be dangerous.
I think i need to have a closer look to my map.

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