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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

White water in Vézéronce river

Image of water running through the rocks of the river bed
White water in Vézéronce river


I don't know the upper part of Vézéronce river but from Pain de Sucre waterfall to the junction with the Rhône, the river bed is large and the water runs on a kind of limestone rock.

On my first visit in April, i was surprised by the low water level despite the unstopping rain we have here for months.
The water was running quietly and sometimes falling in such little "cracks" in the tender rocks.
I thought this closeup composition could be interesting and just had to set up my tripod over the "crack". The limestone was very slippery and I wasn't in the most comfortable position while making this image but i'm very happy with the result.

It was very late in the afternonn and light was low enough to give this silky water effect without any ND filter.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Long exposure around Pain de Sucre waterfall

Long exposure image around Pain de Sucre waterfall
Pain de Sucre waterfall on Vézéronce river


Still posting images from my last outing to this waterfall. This one was done in the very late afternoon but i needed my Hoya ND 400 filter to get a long enough exposure for this effect on the "lake".

As we have an awful weather almost every day, i spend a lot of time browsing the net and looking at maps, searching for some interesting places to photograph and i found yesterday another waterfall named Pain de Sucre in Ain department. Actually, like Jura, this department really has many and many rivers and falls and is a very good photographic destination at spring and autumn.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Pain de Sucre waterfall on Vézéronce river

Photo of Pain de Surcre waterfall near Surjoux
Pain de Sucre waterfall on Vézéronce river


An image from yesterday while i was exploring Vézéronce river near Surjoux in Ain department.

This river is a small one with just a few kilometers long but goes to the Rhône which is one of the main rivers in France (it starts in Switzerland and finishes the mediterranean sea)

This waterfall is just a few hundreds meters far from the junction between the two rivers. Access is really short and easy and i guess it's a famous place for family walks.

I know there is at least one more fall above this one but i couldn't find any path through the cliffs. I asked to someone living just near. He answered that he wasn't sure about the path and that it should be dangerous.
I think i need to have a closer look to my map.
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